POLAAR Energy: Water & Electricity monitoring

We offer businesses and individuals digital building management tools to monitor and optimize their water and energy consumption.

The monitoring of the digital data collected using “BREEAM & HQE” certified probes allows visualizing its consumption via a web dashboard or SMS, to prevent and control a number of disasters, such as water damage and losses of energy.

Platform for simple visualisation and education

Automatic emails report

Automatic alert in case of problem

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It is possible to monitor your water consumption remotely on a web platform.  Coupled with any type of pulsed meter, you receive your consumption and alerts on a web platform and have the possibility to open or close a valve remotely.

  • Specially designed for BREEAM /HQE certified developments
  • Detect misuse and hourly and daily consumption
  • Possibility to close a water circuit automatically if leaks detected
  • GSM / LoRaWan secure networks

The most frequent incidents in a building

Some leaks can cost hundreds of thousands of euros


Claims relate to water damage


The average cost of a claim

Leakage on joints, water pipes and faucets

Leak on pipelines

Remote meter monitoring

Pipeline break

Leak in case of frost

Steam trap blocked

Energy Monitoring

Energy Analytics: For energy efficiency and cost-saving

  • Sub Metering: For correct allocation of costs and optimization
  • Control of current and future cost
  • Predictive Maintenance: Using electrical signature analysis.
  • Reduction of energy KPI and environmental impact for the business and household
  • Energy dashboard: View live electricity data from multiple locations and compare performance across departments
  • Receive your reports by email with energy advice


Create, and animate a community of responsible energy consumers.

Implementation of an energy storage solution and/or solar panels.

Decentralization of production and distribution.

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We offer cost effective solutions based on your installation, budget and need.

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Meet the Founders

Romain Guillaud

Managing Director

Last job : Tesla

Christophe Antoine

Finance and Data Scientist Manager

Last job : Sanitary heating company

Our mission is to offer intelligent solutions to leave a positive impact for generations to come.

POLAAR Energy was created in 2018 by two entrepreneurs with a goal to help consumers and businesses to manage their water and energy usage, SAVE MONEY, and reduce their environmental impact.

Polaar’s founders, Romain and Christophe, met way back in 2014. Romain worked for TESLA and was pationated by entrepreneurship and Christophe was in the heating and water engineering and was looking for a way to reduce people’s consumption —it was an instant match. They bonded over a shared vision of developing a company that could create a positive change in their lives and others.

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